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white tme adhder

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Hi! it's your local transmasc internet girl who wears the How To Spot A Gamer shirt. i'm bigenderfluid, gay and aromantic. i'm currently a senior in high school, and a teacher's assistant in kindergarten.
i'm happily married to my qpp kris! :D

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Stuff I Like

persona 5 (hyperfix), red vox, persona 4, splatoon, dave and bambi, web design, art, yakuza 0/kiwami, computer viruses, psychology, breaking bad
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This is just for funsies.. these characetrs are just like me or i steal all my traits from them. Hover for info :P

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My Guys

My f/os who i would torture in a shipping container for up to a year

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Warning Label

Before You Interact
i have disorders so i act weird not gonna get into specifics. Sorry if i don't interact often, nothing personal! i'm always on discord so if you need me, try there!
No Fish List
Gonna ask that you don't follow me if you're a proshipper. Otherwise i seriously don't care it's 2022 i'll just block you if something doesn't sit right with me.